Heart Mirrors

What you see in the mirror isn't you, Look Your Heart in the Mirror™

What is a Heart Mirror?

Look Your Heart in the Mirror™ is a message about discovering our true selves, not in the mirror or in our minds, but in our heart. Go to the mirror, look at your heart in the mirror, close your eyes and explore down into your soul till you find the sweet spot in your heart. Say inwardly, this is me, the way you normally think THAT'S ME, in the mirror. That's what I did, and my soul exploded in light. The words THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD were in my mind without me thinking them, and it will.

They always say, "look yourself in the mirror" but you can't really. What you see in the mirror isn't YOU, it's your IMAGE. Forget about it. When you LYHITM, your heart says back, Love You, HI, Trust Me. When your mirror shines a light on someone, you enLYHITM. When you truly realize your heartself, you reach enLYHITMent. It's all very Mirroraculous™. Shine a light, and welcome to the Age of Enlyhitment.     

About Us

Jay Johnson


LYHITM started with me looking my heart in the mirror and having an explosive revelation type experience. I the years that followed I scratched to make mirror jewelry out of anything I could find. Actual Mirroracles™ started happening, which is no coincidence. A couple of kids over the years have called the jewelry "heart mirrors". I never would have thought of that, but it's an apt name and a very profound one at that. Wear a heart mirror, gift a heart mirror, and be a Mirroracle™ worker for real.  

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